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Russell Almond is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems in the College of Education at Florida State University His professional biography and curriculum viate (XHTML, PDF) are available on-line, as is a list of publications (both in html and as a BibTeX database). Russell has been a frequent contributer to the Uncertainty In Artificial Intelligence conference, and was a past chair of the Bayesian Applications workshop.

Before coming to Florida State, Russell worked at Educational Testing Service and StatSci (later MathSoft and now Insightful) where he designed the Graphical-Belief software for building and evaluating graphical belief functions. Although this work was never formally released as a product, it has several interesting features which can be found in the link above.

Russell has recently released an add-on export filter to JabRef for exporting bibtex databases as RTF files in APA format, the APAish package.


While in New Jersey, Russell Almond was a volunteer mentor with the organization Science Mentors 1-to-1 working with high school students from Trenton and Lawrenceville who are interested in Math and Science.

Russell Almond is also interested in Renaissance Music. He plays the Curtal (Dulcian), recorders, shawms, pipe and tabor and other assorted instruments in addition to occasionally singing and dancing. He arranges Renaissance Dance Music for recorder players. He and his wife are occasional members of the Princeton Recorder Society. They are also volunteers and sponsors for their favorite band, Piffaro.

Finally, he is the father of twin girls: Shahrazad (Zadi) and Marguerite (Margot). The the gallery of their pictures has moved to a new location.

If you (a human being and not a spider) want to contact me, my preferred contact is the ACM forwarding addres (my last name at acm dot org) still works and is the preferred (and permanent) way to reach me.

Trying to set up an appointment? My google calendar is public, and the same as my email address, or you can view it here.

Thanks for stopping by.