APAish export filter for JabRef

JabRef is an very nice program for managing bibtex bibliography databases. In addition to its use for managing and editing the .bib file, it also contains a number of export filters that can export the bibliography in a variety of styles. The export filter language is extensible, so that new styles can be added.

APAish represents my first effort at an export filter that follows the American Pychological Association (APA) guidelines, which are used by many journal and conference in the field of education. It exports the references in Rich Text Format (rtf) which is understood by a large variety of text editors (including Microsoft Word).

Actually, my long term goal is really to produce an export filter that is compatable with Erik Meijer's excellent bibtex style apacite. In particular, the goal is to have the RTF export filter look very close to the pdf generated when the bibliography is formatted with bibtex and apacite. There are still things to be done to reach that goal.

Installation Instructions

This assume that you have downloaded and installed JabRef from sourceforge. I have tested APAish with JabRef 2.5b1, so it should work with that version and later (and possibly with earlier versions).
  • Download APAish.zip to a place where you will remember it.
  • Open JabRef and select the menu item Options > Manage Custom Exports
  • In the dialog box that appears, press the New button.
  • Fill out the dialog, in the middle box put the path to the APAish.layout file in the directory you just unziped. The last box should contain .rtf. The result should look something like this.

    Screenshot of add export filter dialog

  • Select the database you want to export and select File > Export from the menu. APAish should now appear as one of the choices.

    Release Notes

    This is version 0.2, an early beta release of APAish. There are a number of known issues, some of which are related to missing features in JabRef (I've posted a couple of feature requests, I may try to add them myself later if I get time). At any rate here are a few extra and missing features.

    I would like to hear about any problems that are not noted above. Patches are also welcome.

    APAish is derived from the Harvard RTF export feature of JabRef and is available for free distribution under the same terms as JabRef.

    Last modified: Sat Sep 26, 2009