It has now been 10 years since I left what was then MathSoft (and is now Insightful) and stopped active development on Graphical-Belief. I abandoned the projects for a number of reasons, most of which boiled down to we could not find a customer to help us pay for the next phase of development. I have since mostly moved on to other projects.

A big contributor to the dormancy of Graphical-Belief is the dormancy of the Garnet graphics toolkit on which it was based. Garnet was a true joy to work with, but Brad Meyers and the Garnet developers have since moved on to other projects. There is currently a small team working on maintaining Garnet on Sourceforge, and the small amount of time that I spend on Graphical-Belief, I have spent working on making Garnet more stable.

Despite the fact that Graphical-Belief is now longer actively developed, there were a number of interesting features, particularly, in terms of the user interface, that Graphical-Belief supports. In particular, these pages written to be an on-line demonstration of Graphical-Belief represent some interesting research results that I never wrote-up in a more formal fashion. Consequently, I am reposting these pages in the hope that they may be inspirational to some future developer.

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View a list of Graphical-Belief publications and on-line technical reports.

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The Graphical-Belief user interface is implemented in Garnet.

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Go to the home page for StatSci , (now Insightful) sponsor of the Graphical-Belief project.

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