Peanut Terms and Conditions

Free and Open Source


With the exception of third-party libraries used by the package (which have their own licenses), all of the software is free and open source:

  • There is no charge for its use.
  • The source code is available for inspection and modification.

Artistic-2.0 License

The software written by project contributers (excluding third party software) is available under the Artistic-2.0 license. This allows use and modification as long as the original project is credited.

Use of Third Party Software

The software, in particular, the RNetica R package links to other software which has its own licenses.


In particular, the RNetica package (and by extension) any packages that use it, downloads and install the Netica (or Netica.dll) file from Netica is property of Norsys, LLC and its use is subject to their license agreement.

In particular, Netica (and hence RNetica) is available in two modes:

  • Student/Evaluation License – Limits the size of the network and the uses of the software, but there is no charge for this license.

  • Commercial license – Users who purchase an Netica API license Key from Norsys can unlock the full potential of the library.

The student/evaluation license should be sufficient to verify if RNetica is suitable for a particular project. For more complex use cases, including

Note that both the free and commerical licenses prohibit redistribution of the shared library (and in particular, of the license keys). For embedded applications, or other questions about the Netica license, contact Norsys.

Technical Support is Voluntary

Technical support is provided by members of the project team on a voluntary basis. That means it is not particularly fast.
The best way to raise an issue is to post it on Github.

Contributers are welcome. Send a pull request on Github and I will look it over.

Money Back Guarantee

If you find that the Peanut software tools are not suitable for your project, simply uninstall them. As you paid nothing, we are happy to return the entire purchase price.

Donations and Special Projects

I am not set up to collect donations. If you like the software, give a little extra to your local food bank.

The primary source of income for this project is work done when integrating the software in other systems, primarily through grants and contracts. If you would like to collaborate on such a project, please contact me.